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Sunday, 20 January 2019

Build your custom whatsapp stickers bythis app

Now after the emoji sticker users are very much liked. At the same time Facebook's instant messaging platform has added sticker features to the app to change the WhatsApp chat estimation. Sometimes people use stickers or emoji to express their own feelings while writing anything.
In this case, if you want to make your sticker you will be able to make your sticker using some steps given. The latest version of WhatsApp has been given the sticker option in the 2.18 Emoji section. A sticker pack is available with new updates, but if you want, you can easily download another sticker of your choice by going to the sticker store.

The store has an option to download from Google Play. Before sticker creme, please note that your phone should have an Internet feature with the latest version of WhatsApp. You can create a sticker this way if you want

An easy solution to  create stickers
Build your custom whatsapp stickers bythis app

 Download the Sticker Maker App (Viko & Co) at Google Play Store first.
After the sticker maker app is installed, fill the sticker name and stickerpack author
Open the sticker pack to fill the table, then you will get some boxes.
Open the sticker pack after the delivery box,
Click on the box with the most commonly seen tray icon. You will get two options. You can pull a new photo or a photo that will be able to use the existing photo in your smartphone. The app will ask you to leave the photo before selecting photos
Outline the photos as much as you want to create. After outlining, click on the sticker.
After the tray icon image is set, you will notice that you can attach 30 custom stickers to stickerpac. You can click on the new sticker to make a photo. You can use the store photo in the phone.
If you can create your own sticker, you can click on the given public sticker pack. This new sticker will be joined in Whatsapp.
Now you will have your stickers created with the second sticker in Whatsapp.

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