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World inbox e-magazine weekly

Download World Inbox e-magazine weekly for competitive exam. Important topics in magazine-Current affairs, one liner questions, general knowledge.
World inbox e-magazine weekly

Commit yourself more definitely to“study history”or“studychemistry”at certain regular hours.Study as soon as after lecture as possible.One hour spent soon after class will do as much asseveral hours a few days later. Review lecture notes while they are still fresh in your mind. Startassignments while yourmemory of the assignment is still accurate.

Use odd hours during the day for studying.Scattered 1-2 hour free periods between classesare easily wasted. Planning and establishing habits of using them for studying for the class justfinished will resultin free time for recreation at other times of the week.Limit your blocks of study time to no more than 2 hours on any one course at a time.After1½to 2 hours of study you begin to tire rapidly and your ability to concentrate decreasesrapidly. Taking a break and then studying another course will provide the change necessary tokeep up your efficiency.

Provide for spaced review.That is, a regular weekly period when you will review the work ineach of your courses and be sure that you are up to date. This review should be cumulative,covering briefly all the work done thus far in this semester.List according to priorities.By putting first things first, you are sure to get the most importantthings done on time.Eat well-balanced meals and get regular exercise.

Take time for good meals and exercise.Healthy eating and exercise can dramatically improve your concentration, mood, and increaseyour energy level.Double your time estimates.Most people thend to underestimate how much time a particularactivity/assignmentwilltake. A good rule of thumb is to estimate how much time yourealisticallythinksomething will take and then double it. Moreoften than not, this doubledestimate is accurate.

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