Google I/O / three Day Developers Conference will begin in California, many new ads can be made

The Google I / O / 3D Developers Conference will begin in California, many new ads can be made
  • The company can announce about Cloud Gaming Service Stadia
  • Features and related details related to Android Q can be released
  • According to Indian time, the conference will start on Tuesday at 10.30 pm, which will be streamed live

Google’s Annual Developers Conference I / O is scheduled to be launched in the Shoreline Amphitheater in California’s Mountain View today. The company can make some important announcements during this three-day conference. There is a possibility of a new update on Android Q, Pixel 3A series, Google Assistant, and Smart Home Devices during the event. The conference will be held on approximately 20 topics.

The main points of Google Developers Conference I / O

Google will be able to watch the event live

The CEO of Google’s conference company will start with the beautiful Pichai’s speech. According to the local time in California, this event will start at 10 am in the morning, when Indian time starts at 10.30 pm. Like every time, this event will also be made live streaming on the developer website and youtube. The company will also be streaming live from

Budget Google Pixel Smartphone

The company is likely to launch its new non-affordable Pixel smartphone at the Google event. It is being said that the company can launch ‘Pixel 3A’ and ‘3A XL’ smartphones. Both of these smartphones have been leaked earlier.

Android Q

Google has released the beta version of its upmarket Android Q before. Now during this event, the company can release other related information and features related to the Android Q. The first version was launched in March, while the second version was launched this month.

Stadia (Stadia)

Google announced the Claude gaming service Stadia (Stadia) in its Game Developers Conference in 2019. In addition, the company can bring new updates. Google Stadia Game is a streaming service that allows users to play AAA games in any display device.

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