How to send Whatsapp message without typing

How to send Whatsapp message without typing

No need to type, send a message in Whatsapp like this
Whatsapp is increasingly used to send messages and chat. In Whatsapp, you can send a message in your language without speaking, without typing. That is, you do not need to type in a message to Whatsapp. You can only send a message by speaking in the mic. Using the Dictation feature, you can send a text message without typing. This feature is available for both types of users of Android and iOs.

How to send Whatsapp message without typing

The Dictation feature is already in a smart voice assistant like Google Assistant and Siri. This feature in Whatsapp is now built-in. Any user can click the new mic icon given on the keyboard and send a message by speaking. To use the Dictation feature, the user must first open the Whatsapp. After that, you have to click on the message to send.

After clicking on the contact, open the keyboard that you use to type the message. The blackminted mic will be found in the upper part of the keyboard with the Android mobile keeping tracker. When this mic option for iOS users was given at the bottom right. To send a message, click on the mic and the message you want to send is off. As you speak the message in your language, it will be automatically typed. Now you can send it by clicking on the send button.
The Whatsapp user can edit this message before sending it. This feature is useful when you have to send a long message.
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