ICE MAGIC-09 Currents affairs by ICE Rajkot

ICE Rajkot weekly current affairs for competitive exam.


  • Privatization of 6 Indian airports
  • Twenty years later, Syria is free from the terror of IS
  • The decrease in GST on Homes
  • The world’s largest geological park
  • India’s GDP growth rate is 6.6% in the third quarter
  • Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyan-2019

bear in mind to make the photographs illogical. see the facts on your thoughts for a few seconds. take your time and make the institutions strong; you can additionally draw a photograph that will help you revel in the records extra. one bun, consider a heart (image for love) fashioned warm bun, or consider that hundreds of heat hearts are flying out of a bun. in reality visualize it and you’ll keep in mind that one is love and heat. two shoes, consider that a preacher is grating a shoe with a cheese grater. I used a preacher to remind you of appreciation and a grater for gratitude. three trees believe a cat inside the tree, don’t make it logical. perhaps, imagine that the branches look like cats, cats are striking off the branches or cats are developing out of the tree. interest killed the cat. so, 3 is interesting. the four-door, consider an excited person bashing down your door. or, the door is so excited it jumps up and down and opens and closes. you squeeze passion fruit at the exciting door. four is pleasure and ardor. 5 hive, imagine determined bees or decided terminators trying to interrupt open a beehive. bees are a determined nation. dedication is five. six sticks, imagine hitting a bendy character, this is doing the splits, with a stick. or, actually feel how flexible the stick maybe. six is flexibility.

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